Preserve Your CannabisIntegra Boost

Boost Your Flowers

Maintain optimum humidity level to prevent:

  • Dry and crispy plants
  • Harsh and unpleasant smoke
  • Mould from forming

Does not alter the smell of your product

  • Preserves the medical qualities
  • Maintains flavours

Why Use Boost?

  • Salt-free solution
  • Boost packs will not alter your plant’s flavour or aromas
  • Includes replacement indicator for hands free monitoring
  • Package is made with food grade inks

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Keep your buds fresh for only $1 per packet.

Learn MoreHow To Use Integra Boost

Step 1:

Remove Integra Boost® packet from clear overwrap and place into a sealed container with contents to be preserved and protected.

Integra boost step 1

Step 2:

Drop the replacement indicating card inside the container and seal.

Integra boost step 2

Step 3:

Integra Boost® will begin to regulate relative humidity (RH) inside the container to the specific RH percentage labeled on the packet.

Step 4:

Replace packet when the dot turns blue.

Integra boost step 3

Learn More“How To Boost” Video