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August 2019

Dear Reader,

We hope you’ve been enjoying the heat this summer.

We’d like to thank everyone that came out to visit Delta 9 on Canada Day at the Osborne Village Street Festival as well as Countryfest in Dauphin, MB. We also had a great time this past weekend at the Super Spike volleyball tournament.

We’re looking forward to being at the Rockin’ the Fields of Minnedosa Festival this coming weekend. Please stop by to say hello if you’re going.

This month, we’ve written two articles about cannabis accessories. First, we want to teach you about how to use a bong to create the perfect cannabis experience. Second, we want to introduce a new cannabis product that will be available in our stores in December 2019 – vape pens.

We’d also like to solicit your feedback. Please feel free to send us an email any time telling us what you think about how we’re doing, what we could be doing better, etc. We really do value your opinions and will strive to improve our company based on the input we receive.

We hope you enjoy the rest of the summer! We look forward to connecting in September.

Best regards,
The D9 Marketing Team

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How Do You Like to Bong?

Vape Pens Are Coming!

Featured Strain – CBD Skunk Haze

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How Do You Like to Bong?

Bongzilla at Cannabition, the Immersive Cannabis Museum in Las Vegas

Bongzilla at Cannabition, the Immersive Cannabis Museum in Las Vegas

Sexy, smooth and sophisticated or big and brawny, what's your bong pleasure?

Bongs come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges, from the homemade “Honey Bear Bong” that Brad Pitt used in the movie True Romance to the 800-pound 24-foot long “Bongzilla” that was created for Cannabition, the Immersive Cannabis Museum in Las Vegas. Bongzilla has a 100-gallon water reservoir and requires about a quarter pound of weed to smoke. Of course, it’s not actually used (that we know of), it’s only for selfies.

Regardless of shape or size, a bong usually contains five basic parts and is used to filter smoke through water, facilitating a smoother and more intense cannabis experience.

5 parts of a bong

The Five Parts of a Bong

Every bong has a bowl, where you place your dried cannabis flower; a carb, which is a small hole that allows you to clear the bong chamber of smoke and complete your toke; a base which holds the water that the smoke is filtered through; a small tube called a downstem, which allows the smoke to travel to the base, where it percolates through the water; and a mouthpiece stem, which is how the smoke reaches you after it’s been cooled and filtered through the water.

Depending on the sophistication of the bong, there are also various percolator designs that diffuse the smoke in different ways. Trees, domes, showerheads, gridded inline, honeycomb, matrix, swiss, cyclone and helix are among the styles used in custom-designed percolators that provide their own unique experiences. Regardless of construction, all bongs are basically designed to do the same thing, decrease the harshness of the smoke and provide a clean hit.

“Some of our bongs have percolators in them,” said Brett Calsbeck, a Cannabis Specialist at Delta 9 Osborne. “The whole point is to filter the smoke through water, so it takes out some of the debris that might be sucked up if you were smoking a joint or using a one-hitter. It also makes the hit a lot smoother. Some of the bongs here also allow you to put ice into them, which cools the smoke down even more. The different types of percolators filter and bubble the water, and they also look cool.”

Mothership Glass display at Delta 9 Cannabis Store – Osborne Village

Mothership Glass display at Delta 9 Cannabis Store – Osborne Village

The Art and Culture of Bongs

Bongs have become much more than just an accessory, they’re also pieces of art that have sold for tens of thousands of dollars and in some cases even a million. If you’re looking to add to your high-end art collection, stop by Delta 9 Osborne (478 River Ave.) to check out our exquisite one-of-a-kind creations by Mothership Glass.

Looking cool has been part of bong culture forever, as has naming your bongs with monikers like Long Bong Silver, Dank Sinatra, Hannah Bongtanna and Sinbad, the name of the double donut bong used by Brian Finch in the Netflix series Limitless.

A bong is an extension of your personality and ultimately helps make your cannabis experience more intimate. It becomes like a friend to you, and it needs a name. Once you’ve used a bong on a regular basis, you’ll know why. It’s a social thing.

When you have friends over, they’re going to want to know the name of your bong and the story behind it. And you’re going to love telling it, especially when you’re in the right frame of mind. Of course, your story might not be as lively as that of the Scythians, who are now considered to be the world’s first bong users.

Bongs are thought to have originated in Africa, where cannabis residue was discovered in 11 pipes in Ethiopia dating back to between 1100 and 1400 BC, but in 2015 two 2,400-year-old solid gold bongs were discovered in a stone-lined chamber during a construction dig in Russia.

Tests revealed the residue found in the gold bongs came from cannabis and opium smoked by the tribal royals of a nomadic warrior race named the Scythians, who ruled large areas of Europe and Asia 1,500-2,800 years ago.

“Scythians used a plant to produce smoke that no Grecian vapour-bath can surpass which made them shout aloud,” wrote Greek historian Herodotus, who died in 425 BC. It is now thought that Scythian kings would smoke the potent combination before leading their troops into battle.

Anastasia Kornelsen, Cannabis Consultant, Delta 9 Osborne, with a Jane West bong

Anastasia Kornelsen, Cannabis Consultant, Delta 9 Osborne, shows a Jane West bong

Jane and Her Bong

Thousands of years later, bong stories continue, with one of our favourites being that of Denver businesswoman Amy Dannemiller, who was asked to resign from her job after she was seen on NBC Nightly News vaporizing cannabis in the 2014 CNBC Documentary Marijuana in America: Colorado Pot Rush.

Dannemiller had already been hosting monthly bring-your-own-marijuana dinner parties since October 2013 under the alias Jane West. You can guess what the short version of this story is.

Dannemiller not only founded the cannabis accessory company Jane West, she also co-founded Women Grow, the cannabis industry’s largest professional networking organization, which was dedicated to changing the perception of women in cannabis, both as consumers and as business leaders.

In 2016 Dannemiller was named “the most widely recognized female personality in cannabis" by Inc. magazine and in 2019 she was listed by InStyle magazine as one of their “Badass 50” women who are "changing the world.”

Delta 9 sells Jane West bongs, and a number of other brands, one of which is sure to match your personality.

What are you waiting for? Discover your own bong story today!

Delta 9 Cannabis

Vape Pens Are Coming!

Are You Ready?

Vape Pen

Sleek, sophisticated, discrete and powerful, vape pens are already taking the market by storm in the United States, and along with cannabis concentrates, extracts and edibles, they will be available in Canada and Delta 9 stores sometime in December 2019.

Cannabis concentrates, extracts and edibles will be legally available to the public here on October 17, 2019, but Health Canada requires a 60-day advance notification from cannabis companies regarding their plans to sell any of the new products. The regulations for edibles include a limit of 10 milligrams of THC per single serving, while concentrates such as those used in vape pens will have a limit of 1,000 milligrams of THC per package.

Although there are different types of vape pens, some of which can be used with both dried flower and extracts, those that use cartridges prefilled with cannabis oils are expected to be the most popular. Vape pen technology is advancing rapidly and is being pushed along by both consumer and regulatory body demand. Not only can you find vape pens that allow you to set precise dosages and exact temperatures, you can also buy child-proof and recyclable models.

The main components of a vape pen are the chamber, the mouthpiece, the battery, the atomizer and the power button and they all basically work the same way. They heat up the oil, extracts or flower to a temperature that allows it to vaporize and release the active compounds in the cannabis. And vape pens are incredibly easy to use. You simply press a button and inhale. And some vape pens don’t even use a button. They’re activated automatically when you take a pull.

A variety of flavoured concentrated cannabis oils can be used in vape pens, and because the temperature can be regulated to some degree on most – as compared to the high heat of a flame used when smoking a joint – less of the desired cannabinoids are destroyed, producing a cleaner, more pleasurable high.

Parts of a Vape Pen

10 Reasons Why You’re Going to Want a Vape Pen:

  1. Economical: Less cannabis required to achieve the same effect. You’re not burning half your cannabis to get the benefit of the other half.
  2. Discreet: Easily portable, with only a fraction of the odour and vapour of smoking.
  3. Efficient: Lower temperatures used during vaporization means more cannabinoids are extracted from your cannabis on every pull.
  4. Healthier (than smoking): Vape pens turn your cannabis into a warm vapor rather than a hot harsh smoke.
  5. Tastier: Vaporization, rather than combustion, allows the unique tastes in different strains to come to the fore.
  6. Leftovers: Vaporized cannabis has already undergone decarboxylation and is therefore ready for consumption in edibles with full effects intact.
  7. Ease of Use: Vape pens with prefilled cartridges take the guesswork out of getting high. Just push a button and inhale, or even simpler, just inhale and it activates.
  8. Variety: Vape pens can be used with a variety of different cannabis oils, extracts, distillates and additives.
  9. Dosing: Precise dosages available with some vape pens allow for a more controlled cannabis experience. You can start low and go slow.
  10. Technology: Vape pens come in all shapes, sizes, colours and styles, each with its own brand of technological advances.

Picking out a vape pen is a little like choosing a new phone, and once you’ve bought one, you’re going to want another, especially when new features and functions are added.

Delta 9 currently carries a number of different vaporizers, but we’re excitedly looking forward to December, when we will be able to offer the latest and greatest in vape pen technology.

To Manitobans.

Delta 9 Cannabis

CBD Skunk Haze

August Featured Strain

Delta 9 Cannabis – August Featured Strain – CBD Skunk Haze

The bud is forest green with a dark green undertone. Pistils are dark red, and trichomes are milky but mostly amber. Trichome coverage is moderate. It has firm, dense, medium-sized buds. Before grind, the smell is a soft herbal scent with some floral notes. After grind, the bud smells sweet, similar to herbal tea.

THC: 4-6%
CBD: 7-9%

SAVE 15%
3.5g – $35.70 (Reg. $42.00)
7g – $71.40 (Reg. $84.00)


Delta 9 Cannabis Specialists Bob Hanson and Jennifer Gingras have this to say about CBD Skunk Haze:

Bob: “If you were to take a time machine and go back 50 years, this is exactly what Bob Marley would have smoked. This plant was originally gifted to the world with a balance of THC and CBD. CBD is a neuroprotectant that allows you to feel comfortable smoking cannabis. With high THC, what goes up has to come down. The high from this strain has a much different curve to it that allows you to have feelings of love, compassion and understanding. It doesn’t just take you from A to Z. It’s good for socializing, stimulating attention to detail, promoting creativity and reducing stress and anxiety.”

Jennifer: “I call CBD Skunk Haze my shopping strain. It’s a nice uplifting smoke. I would recommend it for going shopping in a place that is very tense, very busy. It allows you to get through your shop on a busy Saturday and feel super relaxed at the same time. I also might use it in the morning if I wake up with a little bit of anxiety or a small headache.”

Delta 9 Cannabis


Joint Rolling 101 – Workshops running through the summer months

Joint Rolling 101

Running through the summer months, all Delta 9 Cannabis Stores will be offering joint rolling demonstrations every Friday night from 7-9 pm and on Saturdays from 2-6 pm.

Stop by and learn how to become a joint rolling expert!

Where: All Delta 9 Cannabis Stores
1-827 Dakota St (Winnipeg)
478 River Ave (Winnipeg)
1570-18th St (Brandon)

CBD Daze of Summer Sale

For the month of August take 15% off our entire selection of CBD strains!

Where: All Delta 9 Cannabis Stores and Online!
1-827 Dakota St (Winnipeg)
478 River Ave (Winnipeg)
1570-18th St (Brandon)

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