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June 2019

Dear Reader,

June is going to be an exciting month at Delta 9. For starters, we just reported on our best financial quarter EVER – see details here if you’re interested.

To get started, we head to Toronto from June 6-9 for the Lift Conference where we’ll schmooze with the Canadian cannabis industry and foster new partnerships with global cannabis leaders. Stop by and check us out in booth #929!

This month we have an interesting article about the Power of Trichomes. Rarely represented and often misunderstood, trichomes are the true titans of the cannabis plant. Our second article provides some insight on what to do when you’re too high.

We also have a cool Father’s Day promo and some great in-store deals that we encourage you to stop by and explore for your yourself.

Have a great June! See you in July!

The Delta 9 Marketing Team

Delta 9 Cannabis


The Power of Trichomes

Aurora Budtender Award Program

PAX Scratch & Win Promotion

I’m too high! Now what?

Featured Strain – Brooklyn Sunrise

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Delta 9 Cannabis Store – St Vital / Osborne Village / Brandon – NOW OPEN!

The Power of Trichomes

Power-packed production houses and protectors of the plant

Cannabis trichomes

Producers and Protectors

Cannabis trichomes may be miniscule in size, but these power-packed production houses and protectors of the plant are where all the action happens. Trichomes produce the THC and CBD you’re looking for, as well as hundreds of additional cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

Cannabinoids combine with the terpenes and flavonoids to give each different cannabis strain its own unique set of properties and effects through what is known as the “entourage effect.” This not only provides consumers with a wide variety of smells, tastes, medicinal and psychoactive effects depending on their body chemistry, it also protects the cannabis plant from nature’s nasties including fungus, insects, animals, ultraviolet rays and humidity.

Look Closely

If you look closely at the buds in our Delta 9 display cases, there’s a good chance you’ll see a blanket of tiny crystals covering them. What you’re actually looking at are millions of tiny trichome stalks topped by glandular heads that are jam-packed with cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Jam is the correct word in two senses here, as the resin in the glandular heads is also the reason your fingers feel sticky after you’ve handled cannabis.

The three main types of trichomes found on cannabis plants are bulbous, capitate-sessile and capitate-stalked. Bulbous trichomes are the smallest and are found all over the plant. Capitate-sessile trichomes are larger than bulbous trichomes and have both a stalk and a head. Capitate-stalked trichomes are the largest of the three and are visible to the human eye. They are also made up of a stalk and a large glandular head, and produce the highest concentration of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

Delta 9 Junior Growers Brett Little and Braedan Moran examining trichomes in a Delta 9 Grow Pod

Delta 9 Junior Growers Brett Little (left) and Braedan Moran examining trichomes in a Delta 9 Grow Pod

Quality and Consistency with Delta 9 Grow Pods

We spoke with Braedan Moran (23) and Brett Little (28), two Winnipeg-born horticulture graduates who work as Junior Growers at Delta 9, to get the scoop on trichomes. Braeden and Brett oversee a team of four Section Growers, each of which also has their own team. They check the cannabis plants in every Grow Pod every day, reporting back to Head Grower Bobby Bains and Production Manager Darryl Shaward.

“We cross train the teams to make sure we get consistency and quality from each strain at all times,” said Moran. “It’s very important to harvest the plants when the trichomes are mature and at maximum production capacity. Each strain is produced in its own Grow Pod, which is a controlled environment, so we get to know the different strains intimately. We know just what they need.”

“Each strain has its own unique growing factors to consider and each produces different combinations of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids,” said Little. “Most consumers are concerned about THC and CBD, but scientists are rapidly discovering what all the other cannabinoids can do. Labs can produce a list of cannabinoids and their fractional amounts now, and this will be very important to consumers in the future.”

Brett Little and Braedan Moran – Delta 9 Cannabis

Brett Little and Braedan Moran

Harvesting and Curing at Just the Right Time

As cannabis plants grow, the trichomes change in appearance from clear and translucent to a milky state and eventually to an amber colour. Depending on the strain, the buds will be harvested somewhere between the milky and amber state. Proper growing techniques and lighting schedules are critical when trying to achieve maximum quality and production from the trichomes, and Grow Pods only make it easier.

“If you harvest at the wrong time, certain cannabinoids will not be at their full potential,” said Little. “If you harvest too early or too late, the trichomes can be immature or subject to physical degradation. We schedule production walk-throughs and daily checks of the Grow Pods to stay on top of things, depending on where the plants are on their flowering schedules, and we examine the buds under a microscope to make sure the trichomes are ready.”

Harvesting and curing techniques are critical to maintaining the integrity of the trichomes, which are very delicate. Trichomes can be negatively influenced by handling, agitation, oxygen, heat, light and time. Great care is taken when hand trimming, drying and curing the buds, in an effort to minimize any damage to the trichomes. Once in the hands of the consumer, the buds and their payload of trichomes can be managed for maximum quality with proper cannabis storage containers and intelligent handling, which might even include a bonus.

Inspecting cannabis trichomes

A Bonus Extraction

Many of our Delta 9 customers use three-chamber grinders to prepare their cannabis for use. When the buds are ground up, the cannabis is collected from on top of the screen in the second chamber, but there are thousands of trichomes that fall through the screen into the bottom chamber. The resulting extracted powder is known as kief, a powerful and almost pure collection of trichomes.

Numerous scientific methods are used to extract trichomes from the cannabis plant, some of which utilize butane, ethanol, carbon dioxide and ice water. These methods can be complicated, expensive and even dangerous, and are best reserved for professionals who will be adding them into edibles and oils on a commercial scale.

For recreational consumers, kief provides a simple, easy-to-use and potent cannabis extract that can be added into a joint, sprinkled over your buds in bowl or bong, inhaled with your vaporizer, stirred into your morning tea or coffee, made into butter, decarboxylated and added to edibles, or turned into hash.

“The future of cannabis is in extracts,” said Moran. “And, Delta 9 will be ready!”

Delta 9 Cannabis

Aurora Cannabis Looking to Crown
Canada’s Top Legal Market Budtender

Delta 9 Cannabis Specialist Bob Hanson serves a customer

Delta 9 Cannabis Specialist Bob Hanson serves a customer

The pursuit of cannabis knowledge is a journey. To become a Cannabis Master requires passion, dedication, and a true commitment to the plant itself.

Known across this great land as “Budtenders” “Budmasters” “Cannabis Experts” “Cannasseurs” “Cannabis Specialists” and even more creative titles, we respect and admire them all!

Based on the program parameters, applicants hoping to take the title of Canada's top Budtender will be tested using challenges like timed product trivia, terpene identification, joint rolling, and more, to reach the finals of this national cannabis competition.

According to the program details, “the top 10 finalists will then be evaluated on customer service and cannabis education during a secret mystery shop.”

Delta 9 is very confident in all of its Cannabis Specialists at all of our retail stores. We believe in their ability to deliver a great customer experience with informed knowledge about all of the individual cannabis strains, products and brands that we offer to our customers.

Delta 9 Cannabis Sensory Jar

Towards the goal of proving that we have some of the best and brightest Budtenders working at Delta 9, we’re excited to announce the following nominations for the Aurora Budtender program:

  1. Jennifer Gringas from Delta 9 Osborne (Winnipeg)
  2. Mike Abbey from Delta 9 Brandon (Brandon)
  3. Bob Hanson from Delta 9 St. Vital (Winnipeg)
  4. Dan Ganas from Delta 9 St. Vital (Winnipeg)
  5. Jean-Marc Lafond from Delta 9 St. Vital (Winnipeg)

The competition begins in early June. Stay tuned for progress updates!

Delta 9 Cannabis

Partnership with PAX

Scratch & Win Promotion

Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Mug Cake
Delta 9 Cannabis and PAX – Scratch and Win!
Delta 9 Cannabis

I’m too high!

Now what?

I’m too high! Now what!

Most cannabis consumers have experienced it at one time or another, the feeling of paranoia that comes with being too high.

All five of your senses are in overdrive, your heart is pounding, the vending machine is talking to you, the arms on the clock are spinning out of control and the weasels are closing in.

For those who like talking to vending machines and petting weasels, the above might be okay. For most however, it would likely feel uncomfortable. Maybe you smoked too much too fast. Maybe you overdid it on your friend’s brownies. Maybe you forgot to “start low and go slow.” It happens. The reason won’t matter in the moment, although you’ll certainly want to remember it in the future.

For now, you just need to fix it. But how?

First, try to stay calm, this too shall pass. Time is your friend. It might take 10 minutes, it might take a few hours, but everything is going to be okay. Take some deep breaths if you can manage it, and don’t panic.

Hydrate. With water, not alcohol. Eat something, preferably with at least a little substance to it, but snacks will work too. Try crunching a few black peppercorns if the cupboards are being friendly to you. A sniff of pepper straight from the shaker will work too.

People might think you’re weird, but the terpenes in black pepper will argue for a date with the same sweet cannabinoid receptors in the brain that the THC wants to marry. Always keep a paper pepper pack in your pocket just in case (say that three times fast, paper pepper pack, paper pepper pack, paper pepper pack).

Try to distract yourself and focus on something that will take your mind off everything else. Maybe a movie, like Cheech and Chong’s Up In Smoke or Alice in Wonderland, just not the Johnny Depp version. Probably not a good idea to watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas either. Cartoons like Bugs Bunny and Mr. Magoo might work. Anything that will focus your attention on something other than you and the people you think are staring at you (they’re actually not).

Take a walk if you can. Just make sure not to go too far, unless you’ve got a trusted friend with you. A warm bath and a nap might do the trick too. Everybody’s different, but there’s a good chance you’ll know what will work, for you. Finally, although this might not be first on some lists, try some CBD oil, which can prevent THC from binding with your pleasure receptors and tone down the craziness.

Once you’re back on earth, think about what happened to cause the situation. You still have to remember to “start low and go slow,” but maybe you can try a lower percentage THC strain the next time, or a higher percentage CBD strain. The latter could provide a more balanced high, while the former might give you that perfectly pleasurable feeling you’ve been looking for all along.

Without the weasels.

Delta 9 Cannabis

June Featured Strain

Brooklyn Sunrise

Delta 9 Cannabis – June Featured Strain – Brooklyn Sunrise

Brooklyn Sunrise provides an unusually strong initial euphoric high. It’s also a good wake and bake choice, which is how this strain got its name.

Purchase this strain now

THC: 15-16%
CBD: <1%

Delta 9 Cannabis


Come Visit Delta 9 Cannabis at the upcoming Lift Conference in Toronto in booth #929!

2019 Lift Conference

Come Visit Delta 9 Cannabis at the upcoming Lift Conference in Toronto in booth #929. Click here for event details.

Delta 9 Cannabis is giving away FREE water bottles!

Father’s Day Promotion

We’re giving away Delta 9 branded water bottles on Saturday June 15 at all of our locations (while supplies last) to the first 100 customers that come into the store. A great gift for Dad, just in time for Father's Day on Sunday!

When: Saturday, June 15, 2019

Where: All Delta 9 Cannabis Stores
1-827 Dakota St (Winnipeg)
478 River Ave (Winnipeg)
1570-18th St (Brandon)

Delta 9 Cannabis Store – Joint rolling workshops all summer long!

Joint Rolling 101

Running through the summer months, all Delta 9 Cannabis Stores will be offering joint rolling demonstrations every Friday night from 7-9 pm and on Saturdays from 2-6 pm.

Stop by and learn how to become a joint rolling expert!

Where: All Delta 9 Cannabis Stores
1-827 Dakota St (Winnipeg)
478 River Ave (Winnipeg)
1570-18th St (Brandon)

Brandon Education Centre – Upcoming Workshops:


When: Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Where: 1570-18th St. Brandon, MB


When: June 26, 2019

Where: 1570-18th St. Brandon, MB

This event is age-restricted to 19+. Learn the basics of infusing cannabis into oils that can be turned into delicious edibles, or soothing topicals.

Cannabis is more than just smoking or vaping! Featuring the basics of making cannabis edibles and topicals, from decarboxylation to dosing. Attendees will receive recipes and instructions on how to infuse cannabis into oils, with a demonstration on how to make easy cannabis treats. Learn about using cannabis topically, a simple and non-intoxicating way to use cannabis products.

Call the store to reserve your spot: 204-717-0784

Delta 9 Cannabis
Delta 9 Cannabis Store – St Vital / Osborne Village / Brandon – NOW OPEN!
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