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The BasicsMedical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis (Medical Marijuana or Medical Marihuana) refers to the use of the Cannabis plant and/ or its constituent Cannabinoids for use as medical therapy, to help treat disease, or in relief of medical symptoms. It has been recorded that the Cannabis plant has a history of medical use dating back thousands of years across many cultures.

Today we know that it is the unique Cannabinoid compounds found in Cannabis that provide the medicinal benefits of the plant. There is now anecdotal evidence that Cannabis may be useful in the treatment of a variety of conditions and symptoms. Please refer to the Health Canada website for further information –

For preliminary recommendations regarding prescribing smoked cannabis for chronic non-cancer pain please refer to the guidelines recently published by the College of Family Physicians of Canada –

To learn more about various clinical studies regarding the use of cannabis as medicine, we suggest you visit the Mayo Clinic website –