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Sensi Star

Indica Dominant Hybrid $9.50 / gram
THC: 21.26% CBD: <1%
Terpene Profile

13 Dawgs

 Hybrid $7.00 / gram
THC: 11.27% CBD: < 1%

D9 House Blend

 Hybrid $5.50 / gram
THC: 9.92% CBD: < 3.52%
Terpene Profile

Delta 9 House Blend is a mixture of the smallest buds and bud fragments of two or more of our cannabis strains in one bottle. It’s perfect for cooking or making cannabis tea.


Indica Hybrid $5.00 / gram
THC: 10.69% CBD: < 1%
Pinene Caryophyllene
Terpene Profile


 Hybrid $7.50 / gram
THC: 14.1% CBD: < 1%

CBD Skunk Haze

Sativa Hybrid $8.00 / gram
THC: 4.33% CBD: 7.28%

Damn Sour

 Hybrid $8.00 / gram
THC: 15.2% CBD: < 1%


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Please Note:

Cannabinoid (THC and CBD) profiles can fluctuate from harvest to harvest due to a variety of environmental factors. Here at Delta 9 we strive to standardize and replicate growing conditions to control cannabinoid profiles, although variations have been observed in the past. Our product catalogue represents average cannabinoid profiles from all of our harvests since 2014 and includes the Health Canada variance allowance for each profile.

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