Why Delta 9

Is Right For You

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Every Delta 9 employee takes incredible pride in the job they do ranging from our devoted, experienced Customer Care Specialists to all of our Production Staff including the growing and harvesting departments, sanitation personnel and our quality assurance experts. Cannabis is an integral part of all of our lives and it shows in the commitment we have to produce the best product possible for our patients.


Delta 9 was one of the first Licensed Producers of medical cannabis in Canada, dating back to December 2013, which means we’ve been involved in the industry since the beginning. We’re committed to always researching new and leading-edge methods of cultivation and partnering with global experts and industry-leading professionals to ensure the highest quality cannabis products.


Based on our current standardized, hydroponic growing methodologies, using state-of-the-art, proprietary Grow Pods, we’re confident in our ability to produce consistent, top quality, cannabis in every single batch.


Delta 9 has a current growing rotation of approximately 20 different strains that are continuously available to our patients. As our growing capacity increases, we’ll introduce several new varieties from our genetics supply of over 60 unique strains.


Delta 9 cannabis ranges in price from $4.25/gram for our house blends up to $11/gram for our premium, high potency Grower’s Pride strains. And our prices are coming down all the time to reflect the benefits of our cutting edge growing technology.


We always strive to offer a good selection of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains to accommodate the diverse needs of our patients across Canada.

Become a Delta 9 patient today.